where to sell my luxury watches online?

Where to sell watches online?

Are you ready to sell your luxury watch for cash or upgrade to the new style but not sure or don’t know where to start? There are a lot of places online that buy luxury watches. The first question comes to your mind is “Can i trust them to sell my watch to?”. While you can look for the local jewelry and watch buyers. You will most likely running out your of options. Selling your luxury watch online for cash is the best option and save time and at the convenience of your home, quick, secure, and confidential.

The best place to sell watches

We have researched and reviewed these Top online buyers.


These companies must be accredited and rated at least A to A+ by Better Business Bureau is known as BBB, and have credible online customers/testimonials previously and currently. And please be sure to read their reviews on Google+ and FaceBook. Our #1 pick for luxury watch buyers is WP Diamonds.  And our #2 pick falls onto DBI, diamond Buyers international

Competitive Prices

Look for online luxury watch buyers who are truly  experts in their field. And have a long outstanding reputations and connections in luxury watches. Pricing a luxury watch requires an experienced luxury watch professional with the knowledge in the industry.


It is very very important that you feel comfortable when sending your watch and every step in the process of selling your luxury watch. When request a free kit to send in your luxury watch make sure that the kit  is insured and free of charge to mail, Fedex overnight trackable. And WP Diamonds provides you with Free Fedex overnight and fully insured. Even if you decline the offer WP Diamonds will mail your watch back to you with all the same safety measures for free. And they also have appointment available incase you need to the experts face to face in a safe secure modern environment.

Speedy payment

Quick pay is really important. You want to have  payment options, check, wire transfer, PayPal or cash (by appointment only) within 24 hours right after the final offer accepted.

Both of these online luxury watch buyers have A+ rated by BBB company and Google+ reviews, and have long outstanding reputation, WP Diamonds has expert watch buyers available for appointments in New York, Dallas, LA, and Chicago, and you can also opt to send your luxury watch in via their Free fully insured overnight Fedex trackable shipping service.