On Valentine's Day 2014 I had my second bad experience buying diamonds and decided to do something about it. I thought there should be a way to calculate exactly how much a diamond is worth at a jewelry store vs. online jewelry store vs. Craigslist.

I created a website that tells you exactly how much your diamond is worth with the aim of helping normal people make better decisions about buying diamonds. During this process I found there are actually 5 prices of a diamond depending on who you are and where you buy a diamond.

We don't sell diamonds, so we're an unbiased source of information about diamonds and the diamond industry. We use math and research to take the mystery out of buying a diamond.

What We Do

Diamond Karma helps you negotiate a better purchase price for your diamond to save you money by avoiding retail prices.

We show you the five prices for a diamond which most consumers don't even realize exist. Would you ask a used car salesmen how to buy a car? Why would you ask a "Used Diamond salesmen" how to buy a diamond? Most "How To Buy A Diamond" sites were created by jewelers. Just like the car industry has different prices for the dealer, a trade-in, or a private party sale, the diamond industry has many prices depending on who you are, where you make the purchase, and how you buy your diamond. We calculate the prices by applying our proprietary algorithm to the real world diamond market in real time as well as using averages over the past seven years.

Would you ask a used car salesmen how to buy a car?

So why would you ask a jeweler how to buy a diamond?

Take Our Advice

  • Don't blindly accept a retail jeweler's advice.
  • Prices are NOT final. Negotiate.
  • Ask for a 15% off the listed price.
  • Ask if their margins are typically 50%, 80%, 100% ?
  • Research, learn, study, and find the best price.
  • Negotiate. Walk out. Come back. Negotiate.


We aim to help normal people buy diamonds. We want to give people the tools they need to make smart decisions about buying a diamond. For most of us, this is a one time life event and we must trust online research, friends, family, and retail jewelers. It's a scary thought to buy from an online merchant, but with the right information you can and will make a smart, safe decision. All of our researches and calculations have been done independently.


We show five prices which many people don't realize exist. Just like buying a car has the dealer, trade-in, and private party values the diamond industry has many prices. We calculate the prices by applying our proprietary algorithm to real world diamond market data in real time as well as averages over the past seven years. Prices are approximate and we do not guarantee accuracy. Diamond Karma helps retail diamond consumers negotiate a better price for their diamonds.

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