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September Birthstone – Sapphire/Corundum

November 18, 2016

Sapphire is usually #9 on Mohs scale, excellent in toughness, but with large fractures/inclusions, or some treatments, can be less durable. Sources are Australia, Cambodia, China, India (Kashmir), Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar(Burma), Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, United States, Vietnam. India is a famous, historic source of fine blue sapphire, and production is now …

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The 12 Birthstones

November 12, 2016

January Almandine/Garnet February Amethyst/Quartz March Aquamarine/Beryl April Diamond May Emerald/Beryl June Alexandrite, Pearl, Moonstone July Ruby/Corundum August Spinel, Peridot, Sardonyx September Sapphire/Corundum October Opal, Tourmaline, Rose zircon November Topaz, Citrine December Turquoise, Blue zircon, and Tanzanite

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