4 Ways to Sell A Diamond

#1: Worthy

We find Worthy's service to be a good medium between selling to private parties and selling to an online buyer. Here, you're selling directly to another private party at a market rate, but you're doing it on a trusted, secure platform that specializes exclusively in diamonds.

In addition to using our calculator to estimate the value of your diamond, you can use their estimation service to figure out about how much you might earn for selling on their platform.

It's free to use, but you'll pay 10-18% of the value if your ring sells successfully (depending on the final price).


  • Auction
  • Relatively Fast
  • Trusted Platform
  • Estimation Partner
  • Secure Payments
  • 10-18% Commission
  • Takes Some Time to Sell
  • Sale Not Guaranteed
  • Not All Diamonds Accepted

Visit Worthy

#2 Direct Diamond Buyers

Selling your diamond directly to a diamond buyer is the fastest and easiest way to sell your diamond. No waiting for auctions, no managing offers and weighing risks, just a straightforward offer for your diamond.


  • Fast Transactions
  • Trusted Buyers
  • No Fees
  • No Competitive Bidding
  • Lower Payouts (usually)
  • Sale Not Guaranteed

While auction houses and other online seller services can be selective when it comes to what they will buy, a direct diamond buyer will almost always make you an offer

Cash for Gold Mailer
100+ 5-Star Reviews

Cash for Gold Mailer

Cash for Gold Mailer is a family-owned cash for gold and diamond buyer operating out of NY. With over 20 years in the diamond buying business, Cash for Gold Mailer is known for its expertise, personal attention, and clear explanations of what they can pay for your diamond.

High Payouts
A+ BBB Rating
Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee
Fast, Professional Appraisals
Free Secured Shipping

If you are an experienced jeweler that handles online transactions, contact us for more information about being added as a diamond buyer.

#3: Selling Direct to Private Parties

If you want the most for your diamond, the best way to sell it is to another private party. Finding a buyer for a unique piece can take time, so patience and dilligence is required. The most common ways to find a buyer would be through mediums like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay (listings, not auctions).

The downside to these platforms is it takes a lot of work, often a lot of time, and it can be risky to deal in large transactions with a stranger. Scammers are always a concern. We really don't recommend selling directly like this unless you have a lot of confidence in what you're doing.

#4: Diamond Dealer Offers

At Diamond Karma, we work with a network of professional jewelers and experienced diamond buyers who are frequently in the market for diamonds. If you're looking for a fast, competitive, secure way to sell your diamond for a good price, listing your diamond on our network can be a great way to sell.


  • Competitive Bidding
  • Trusted Buyers
  • Fast Transactions
  • Low Fees (5%)
  • Listing Option
  • Only Dealers Can Bid
  • Offers Only / No Auctions
  • Sale Not Guaranteed
  • $4.95 Submission Fee

Get the Best Price for Your Diamond in 3 Easy Steps

1. Submit
Submit pictures and information about the diamond you want to sell.
2. Bid
2. BID
Vetted exceptionally-reviewed diamond buyers submit bids for your diamond.
3. Cash In
Sell your diamond to the highest bidder safely & securely.

Step 1: Submit your diamond for offers

Submit your diamond to our website using the form below, including certifications and photos of your diamond. We'll circulate the diamond to our network of buyers and collect offers for your diamond.

Step 2: Accept or reject offers

After 48 hours has passed, we'll present the best offers for you. If you accept an offer, you'll be connected with the diamond buyer to complete the transaction.

Step 3 (accepted): Ship Your Diamond & Get Paid

Your diamond buyer will provide information on how to ship them the diamond and complete the transaction. They'll need to provide a final inspection before accepting it, and then you'll be paid within 24 hours.

Step 3 (denied): List Your Diamond for Sale

If you reject the offers, you can list your diamond in our private dealer marketplace. Here, you're able to state the price you're willing to sell for, and if a dealer has a need for your diamond and can meet the asking price, you'll be connected to complete the transaction.

Sometimes it makes sense to sell your diamond. Maybe it's a family heirloom that just doesn't hold any special value to you. Maybe it was given to you by someone no longer in your life. Maybe you were going to give it to someone, but it didn't work out. Or maybe you really just need the money. Whatever the reason, it's important to be smart about selling your diamond.

If you've spent any time with our diamond value calculator, you'll quickly realize what you've heard to be true - the retail price of diamonds is much, much higher than the secondary market. If you bought your diamond retail, you'll likely find that your diamond isn't worth nearly as much as you paid for it. That can obviously be frustrating.

Diamond buyers can't match the retail price for which the consumer had paid since retailers often charge more than double what a diamond is worth in order to stay in business. Retailers have fixed costs like rent, labor, and inventory so they mark up their prices significantly. Some retailers even charge 3 or 4 times their purchase price in order to make an even bigger profit.

What does this mean for the consumer who finds themselves in the situation of trying to sell a diamond? Most of the time, they go back to the person they bought the diamond from for advice and are hit with a tough reality. People giving them a quote for their diamond are usually trying to buy it or profit off the transaction somehow, so the advice they're getting isn't exactly neutral.

So what should you do?

Just like selling a car, to get the most money out of your diamond you should try to sell to a private party (aka a person). This isn't for everyone, because you'll have to place an ad on Craigslist (or another P2P platform), deal with people directly, and barter. There are dangers and risks that are involved with that too, so many people avoid doing such a thing for very good reason. So if you aren't going to sell directly to a person, who should you sell it to?

Our advice is to use an online diamond buyer. Buyers listed on our website are vetted based on online reviews and their reputations, and we believe they provide a great balance of ease and price when selling a diamond.

TIP: DO NOT SELL TO A PAWN SHOP! Pawn shops give you the worst price for your diamond. Pawn shops are typically not trained in evaluating gemstones, so they'll offer very low prices to earn a higher profit and put themselves at less risk.

Selling diamonds online has become more and more popular in recent years. It's convenient, saves time, increases your payout, and prevents you from sitting in traffic or dealing with untrustworthy salesmen. Online selling allows you to complete the process easily from the comfort of your own home.

While selling your diamond is easy, it doesn't mean that you should just accept the first offer you get. Getting the best price for your diamond is also very important. Bringing a diamond to a jewelry or cash for jewelry shop can be dangerous, plus you may be low-balled or taken advantage of by an unscrupulous jeweler. But if you'd like a baseline, get a quote from a local jeweler first to make sure you're getting more elsewhere!

Online shops operate higher volumes on lower margins, and engaging in poor buying practices would quickly destroy their reputation online.

That's how we do our research to see if diamond buying companies are legit. There are so many diamond buyers online, you don't always know who can be trusted. Our team has extensively researched many companies and spoken to customers, developing a list of trusted diamond buyers that we've provided here. We recommend contacting these companies for a quote for your diamond (get multiple quotes if you can!), and let us know how your experience was dealing with these diamond buyers.

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