When is the best time to buy a diamond?

Diamond is forever and so precious. Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Whenever you think you are ready to buy a diamond do your homework gather all information before buying.  All of us want to buy things at the lowest price possible, it doesn’t matter what it is. But make no mistake we want to buy it right. Based on my experience, the best time to buy a diamond is around summer time( mid June to mid August). Researched and based on the current market condition. This’s the time when people planning for vacation, traveling. no one wants to spend money on diamond jewelry.  It’s considering slow for the dealers and the best time for some people that are looking to shop for diamonds.  Avoid Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Black Friday , Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Those are the time that diamond dealers and jewelers make the most from consumers.


Give yourself a good amount of time to shop for diamonds, please do not rush to buy and be flexible, what i mean by flexible is, let’s say you were thinking to buy a 1 carat G color and VS2 clarity for your girlfriend soon to be your fiance, and the dealer you know doesn’t have that specific stone in hands , he/she only have the 1 carat H color and SI1 (which is one color and one clarity grade lower), so go for it, like that you can definitely get better deal rather than the dealer has to find the G color and  VS2 clarity for you. Its also save you some money too, because the H color and SI1 clarity list price is lower than the G color and VS2 clarity, considering all other factors are the same. Diamonds never go out of season. Unlike electronics or vehicles, for instance like a new car dealer would give you discount for the last year models. Diamonds don’t have seasonal sales or whatsoever. Jewelry prices never at their lowest price, they only make you think you get better deal.  Right now, economy is terrible at the moment, if you haven’t noticed. The stores are hurting.

At any time, even during a sale, at whatever store you are shopping at, or online if you see something you really like, ask if it is their best price. Especially at the present time with the economy being so bad. They will say yes most of the time if the price you offer is reasonable, they don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell to you. Be smart and shop around and find out why some diamonds are priced so much higher than others. The reason is the quality of the diamond and you should learn how to distinguish a quality stone from a piece of junk. Also, stay out of department stores and discount stores, such as Costco. They don’t know about diamonds. They are only salespeople. You can find out more info here or if you need help find the best diamond engagement ring for your love ones, we can help you. We offer free consultation! Send us an email here