What millennials think about synthetic diamond engagement ring?

Most people think that genuine/earth mined diamonds are too expensive to afford and they go for synthetics when buying, is it really worth for your money to go for the synthetics?

Researches shown that the millennials are not happy and disappointed when they found out the diamond  they received were synthetics. Once in a life time diamond engagement ring, they want it to be real thing , i mean genuine diamond not synthetics. Most of them feel cheated when found out later that it were not as valuable. And they all want the genuine proposal not synthetic.

At the same time when asked women around the globe to see what they feel when it comes to 4Cs, majority of them think its really important when deciding to purchase a diamond. The cut is the most important of all, the millennials thinks that if they can’t afford the big one, they will go small with better cutting that has life, shine and sparkle, not big and milky or cloudy. Some of the millennials may sacrifice on the size to have a flawless with well-cut diamond. Its nothing wrong going with the big diamonds, if you can afford it, if not go with the small ones with better cut and clarity.

Genuine diamond prices stay strong,  roughly about 3 to 5% up in the past few months from colorless(D, E, F),SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1 clarity. Consumers more toward I1 to VS2 clarity,G/H  near colorless to F colorless, average size 1carat to 1.49carats round brilliant cut. And oval shape is still very hot and demand.  Diamond dealers require higher premium for their 1.10 to 1.49 cts ovals. Below just some of the styles that Diamondkarma helps consumers with;

From diamonds to colored stones, consumers are still in love with the ovals, of course round brilliant cut is the most popular one.

At last, it shows that no matter who you are , where you come from, majority of us still in for better goods and genuine diamonds. Size does not really matter in this case. consumers like genuine diamonds more than synthetics, if they cant afford the big sizes they will go with the small ones with better cut. The current most popular purchased 1 caraters are H, G, F colors and the clarities are I1(eye clean), SI1, SI2 to VS1 with (triple X) means excellent Cut, Polish, and Symmetry, medium to none fluorescence GIA certified only.