March Birthstone – Aquamarine/Beryl


#7.5 to #8 on Mohs scale, good toughness. Sources are Brazil (major source), Australia, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria (known for intense color under 5 carats), Pakistan, United States, and Zambia.

Aquamarine’s cool blue hues are reflected in its name, which comes from the Latin for “sea water” Medieval sages prescribed water touched by aquamarine for a host of ills, including those affecting the eyes and lungs. They promised the virtues of insight and foresight to the gem’s wearers.

Aquamarine crystals can grow to huge sizes, and are usually blessed with excellent clarity. Gem body colors range from greenish blue to blue-green in light tones. Usually, the color is more intense in large stones, but some aquamarine from Africa displays deeper blues in faceted stones of less than 5 carats. Brazil supplies the most aquamarine to the modern market.