DIY jewelry cleaning

How to clean your diamond jewelry at home

There is a simple way to clean your jewelry at home without have to bring them to the jewelry store. All you need are a small bucket, dishwashing liquid mix with warm water and a tooth brush. Then put all your jewelry in the bucket and leave them at least couple hours or overnight. Then just brush and rinse with clean water and let them dry.



Or if you don’t want to do the work let the machine does it for you. You can purchase one just like this on Amazon





What i recommend to do is separate all your diamond jewelry and colored-stone jewelry, incase you want to bring them to the jeweler to clean them for you. But before you give to the jeweler to clean, make sure that you tell your jeweler to check them before put them in the ultrasonic machine. What it means is that your jeweler should be able to tell you that which jewelry of yours can not be put in the ultrasonic machine. If your jeweler doesn’t know what he’s doing will result in damage of your precious jewelry. Cleaning is usually free of charge because what they do is just put them in the Ultrasonic machine for about 15 mins then steam them.

Your jeweler should point it out that colored stones such as opals, emeralds, tanzanites, appetites and pearls just to name few most common ones. All of these stones have to be cautious when put in the ultrasonic machine. What ultrasonic machine does is that the vibration combine with the hot water could shock and damage some of the colored stones so therefore you should be informed. if your jeweler doesn’t check it will result in a lost or damage. Simple things like that most jeweler should know.


To Refurbish is to make brand new again, including checking the setting making sure all the prongs are good and all stones are secured then buffing then ultrasonic last is steaming. During the process of refurbishing if the jeweler finds that one of the prongs not secured or worn out that need to be re-tip or re-build then the jeweler should clean the piece before soldering using the torch. If the jewelry is not clean well when soldering the jewelry piece will turn black due to the dirts that stucked inside the jewelry. If re-tip using laser soldering then cleaning before soldering is not necessary. I would suggest using torch soldering if possible.


Not all colored stones can be rhodiumed. Especially, Pearls, and appetites(genuine only) just to name these two. What happen is that after rhodium that stones will change their appearances, look dull like chunk of frozen ice on the surface. Synthetic pearls and appetites are ok to rhodium.

If you don’t know where to send your diamond jewelry to clean or refurbish or you want to get rid of your old jewelry here   or you can use this page here