Diamond buyers

Holidays are here, new year is right at the corner, some of us need extra cash for the holidays. Take this opportunity by selling the old diamond jewelry that have been sitting in the draw or in the safe for quick cash.

Seller’s guide

Selling diamonds/diamond jewelry online has never been easier nowaday. Not only simple but also you can get the most out of your diamonds. The diamond buyer will give you the highest estimate possible without seeing or offer for your diamonds.  And you need to be as precise as possible and a GIA certificate helps make this offer much more accurate. Then request your Free kit with prepaid FedEx overnight envelope and instructions on how to safely send in your diamond jewelry. The next step is use the prepaid Fedex overnight envelope to send your diamonds to the diamond buyer and the shipment is insured for USD5,000 maximum, with higher insurance is available upon request. The diamond is then evaluated and the final offer is provided to you by email and/or phone call If you want to sell it for the price they offer then they will send you a check, direct deposit, or Paypal payment of your choosing instantly within 24 hours. Otherwise they will send you the diamond back and it is fully insured at no cost, and no questions asked.

1. Read the diamond buyer testimonials

Not all companies are the same when it comes to customer service and trust, especially when dealing with big ticket items. This is the reason we have searched and reviewed the top cash for diamonds online and ranked them on our website. And Diamondbuyersintl.com ranked #1, read the success stories hereWPdiamonds.com ranked #2, and last but not least Reverejewels.com ranked #3 We only recommend companies that exchange diamonds for cash and who have a good customer service history and businesses who are accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau(BBB).

2. Start a free appraisal

This is typically performed by completing the appraisal form on the diamond buyer’s website. A representative will contact you or you may call them to discuss your items with them directly. Diamond buyers can usually provide a ballpark figure as to what you can expect to receive for your diamond jewelry. If you have a GIA, IGI, HRD, AGS, or EGLUSA certificate the estimated price will be more accurate. The diamond buyer will send you a package and insure the return shipment of your diamond jewelry. Please note that no price can be final until the diamond buyer inspects your diamonds/diamond jewelry.

3. determine the value of your diamond

Your diamond jewelry arrive at the processing center  and go through an evaluation process to determine the final value of the diamond jewelry. A gemologist and trained experts grade the diamond according to GIA standards and check the diamond’s overall condition, and the 4Cs; carat, cut, color and clarity. The final price reflects the overall quality of the diamond, the demand for the diamond and the current market price.

4. The final offer is made

Accepting the offer is the final step in the process. Usually a diamond buyer’s quote is good for 5 to 10 business days. If you decide to accept the offer, payment is typically made within 24 hours and  a check, direct deposit, or Paypal payment of your choice. If you decide to reject the offer, your diamond jewelry will be returned to you and insured for the full value at no cost to you.

Use this online diamond appraisal calculator to get an instant initial estimate. And request your Free kits here