A Quick Diamond Buyers Guide to Finding That Perfect Ring

So you’ve decided to marry the one, and you now have to decide what ring would signify the everlasting promise between you and your betrothed. Finding that perfect ring may seem like a daunting task, especially since it’s a ring that your partner will wear for all eternity, but worry not! For there are some factors that you may consider in deciding that will aid you in picking that perfect ring. 

The Price Should be Right

Planning to propose and the subsequent planning for a wedding is, and this cannot be overstated enough, a big financial leap. Money plays an undeniably huge part in picking out that engagement ring to propose with. The first thing to do is to set a financial limit. This way, you can thoroughly assess options, alternatives, and attributes through investigation and good old-fashioned shopping.

There isn’t one right price for setting the budget for a ring but merely going with the budget that is comfortable for you. Finding that perfect precious stone that can offset estimate with quality at values you can afford is something that should and can be done.

A few things to consider are lab-made jewel substitutes that can drastically help with agreeable financial limits. If ever it’s decided that the monetary limit should be given more leeway, an assortment of adaptable installment alternatives, including bank wire, layaway, and financing, may be explored.

Styling the Ring Accordingly 

The key to choosing the right ring for your partner is simple: Familiarity. Consider reflecting on the sorts of things your partner gravitates towards. The information you gather from this reflection will ultimately decide whether they’d lean towards a ring that is exemplary, current, nature-motivated, alluring or a blend of all these. 

It’s always good to seek the opinion of people closest to her, so in a way, the ring could reflect an amalgamation of the love of her closest friends towards her. Just to be on the safe side, however, make sure to inquire for trades and returns should there be any sudden concern. 

Consult the 4 Cs

There’s a lot more to precious stone wedding bands than meets the eye. It is absolutely important to recognize how jewels are grouped. Precious stones are assessed according to the four Cs: Carat, cut, clearness, and shading. Achieving that balance across all these attributes can help guarantee the best precious stone for your wedding band.


The most commonly known and outward way of appraisal is the Carat. Since it is a method for estimating the jewel’s general load, it is important how to figure out how carat weight is utilized to quantify gemstones.


Precious stones are cut straightforwardly to emanate the magnificence many is accustomed to. The more a precious stone is accurately cut, the more the jewel’s capacity to reflect and refract light is enhanced.


For precious stones, imperfections visible on and inside jewels impact its appearance and worth. Material or auxiliary blemishes, for instance, small splits, known as plumes, which can seem whitish or shady, can affect the way gems are appraised. The amount, estimate, shading, area, direction, and visibility of such incorporations significantly affect the final clearness evaluation of jewels. Precious stones with little to no considerations are considered especially rare and are much esteemed.


Shading in a jewel varies according to the components of nitrogen available as the precious stone formed under the Earth’s covering. The less shading, the more prominent is luster and fire, and be viewed as rarer, which implies greater worth. 

Shopping the Right Shape

There are ten standard shapes in which jewels are cut. Out of these ten, the round is the most well-known. 75% of precious stone purchases are made up of round-shaped gems. In many cases, because of its prominence, round jewels cost more than different shapes.

Here’s a tip: one can save as much as 40% by selecting a non-round precious stone. Other shapes that can be just as mainstream can be less expensive. A few ones to consider are the “Princess Cut” and the “Pad Cut.” Oval-Cut, Pear Cut, Emerald Cut, and Brilliant Cut precious stones are also extremely mainstream shapes.

The Precious Metal that Goes with the Precious Stone

The basic selections when deciding on which wedding band metals to get are platinum. Yellow gold, and rose gold. Out of these, Platinum and White Gold are the best-known. The current trends, however, see Climbed Gold quickly becoming mainstream as well.

Platinum and White Gold look nearly identical. They do, however, have a big difference. Platinum is far stronger than White Gold and costs about half more. To get a quick idea of what your partner might want to have, current sets of jewelry can be evaluated to see which precious they might like.

Choosing the right ring for the love of your life can be a daunting task. You’ll want something that could symbolize the time you’ve had together so far, and that’s no small task. As a preliminary to what could be an entire life together, anyone would want to make the smart start. And the smart start is taking the necessary measures to ensure that the love of your life gets exactly what she deserves.

Best of luck and good luck getting on one knee.