Diamond Partners

At Diamond Karma, we want to help people find the perfect diamond ring at a great price. The more reputable partners we have, the better we're able to do that.

Whether you're looking to buy diamonds to serve your customers, or sell diamonds to customer or dealers, Diamond Karma can be a great partner for your business.

Through our diamond selling system, you'll have the opportunity to purchase (or sell) diamonds from consumers and other dealers. When someone submits a diamond they'd like to sell, our network of partners has the option to submit a bid. The highest bid can then complete the transaction with the seller. This ensures quick transactions for sellers and a stream of high-quality diamonds for buyers.

In addition to our auctions, we offer retail listings from partners. Select partners with established online reputations are eligible for listings in our live database.

If you're in the diamond industry and are interested in joining the Diamond Karma network, please fill out the form below to tell us a bit more about your business. Let us know what services you're most interested in, and how you'd like to work together!

Partnership Form

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