Divorced? Should You Sell Your Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, & Other Jewelry?

Divorce is never easy. From facing complicated emotions, to dividing assets and making custody arrangements, there are so many obstacles to overcome. Once the dust settles, and you’ve tackled all of these major concerns, you might find yourself questioning what you should do with your wedding ring, engagement ring, and other sentimental jewelry given by your former spouse.

What do you do with items that once held so many happy, joyful feelings? Should you keep them? Stuff them away in a drawer? Sell them? Or treat yourself to an upgrade? Here are some ideas on what you can do with that once-precious stone following a divorce.

selling a diamond after a divorce
What should you do with your jewelry after a divorce?

Keep Your Jewlery Following a Divorce

Keeping your jewelry, especially if your marriage and divorce were both amicable, is a great option for some. In this case, these pieces may hold a sentimental value that cannot by bought or traded. It is perfectly acceptable to keep your wedding rings, engagement rings and other jewelry.

You could also keep the jewelry and pass it on to your children when they get older. This would be a really special gift for any children who are involved in the divorce, and may serve as a reminder of the happier times from the marriage.

However, if the jewelry that was given to was your ex-spouse family’s heirloom, you might consider giving the heirloom back to the family.


Suppose you still really love the diamond ring, precious stones, or other pieces of jewelry you were gifted during your marriage, then you might consider repurposing them. You can easily have the setting of your diamond ring melted down into a pendent necklace. If your ring contains multiple stones, you can have each one removed and placed onto individual rings or bracelets to gift to your children.

Repurposing your jewelry may serve as a tangible representation of a new start after a divorce.


It is very likely that keeping your wedding ring, engagement ring and other jewelry might be too difficult for you to hold on to. These pieces may serve as a bitter reminder of a marriage that didn’t last. In this case, selling your items may be the best bet.

Aside from ridding yourself of the emotional weight your jewelry may carry, selling your items may also be a great financial decision. It is no secret that divorce is costly. Selling your rings and other pieces could help offset legal expenses, or you could use your profits to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation.

There are many positives to selling your rings. However, the process of selling diamonds and other jewelry pieces can be overwhelming for some. Our Diamond Value Calculator is a great tool to help you identify the worth of your diamond, making sure you get the most value out of your stone.

diamond price calculator
Use our calculator to see what your diamond is worth!

Even if you know the true value of your diamonds, navigating the selling process can be daunting, especially following the emotional turmoil of a divorce. Diamond Karma offers an online diamond marketplace to help make this process faster, easier, and more secure! Just submit pictures of and information about your diamond, our network of vetted buyers will analyze and propose an offer, and you chose what offer is best for you.

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