Recent Posts About Selling Your Wedding Ring

Divorced? Should You Sell Your Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, & Other Jewelry?

May 21, 2020

Divorce is never easy. From facing complicated emotions, to dividing assets and making custody arrangements, there are so many obstacles to overcome. Once the dust settles, and you’ve tackled all of these major concerns, you might find yourself questioning what you should do with your wedding ring, engagement ring, and other sentimental jewelry given by …

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5-reason to sell a diamond ring

February 10, 2017

Some of us probably had some really spectacular engagement rings. But these rings didn’t have to be huge and expensive.  They can be something like this ring below,  a 14-karat white gold halo diamonds oval aquamarine center stone, and this 14 karat rose gold halo diamonds pear shape morganite center stone.   We’ve had customers …

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